:: BIOGRAPHY Metal Hammer Germany: 'Demons & Diamonds' proves to be the most mature, best and most mind-blowin
Metal Hammer Germany:
'Demons & Diamonds' proves to be the most mature, best and most mind-blowing heavy metal debut in a long time. (...) Actually, everything is correct on 'Demons & Diamonds' - from the perfect, clear and hard production to the original, inventive songs to the technical talents of each musician. (...) Each song is like a small jewel. (...) ... Tony Johannessen must be one of the biggest discoveries ever... (...)This is precisely how classic Heavy Metal should sound! (7 out of 7 points).

Concrete Magazine, Belgium
August 25th 2003 this date will be carved in the history books of unbeatable and timeless true modern metal with the spectacular and most sensational debut album of the year: 'Demons & Diamonds'. (…) Thunderbolt is more than just the new millennium dimension of the immortal Iron Maiden, much much more!! (89 out of 100 points)

Medazzarock, Switzerland:
(…) There are no weak points. Not for one moment, you get the idea listening to a debut album. (…) Thunderbolt put the expectations for the next record on a very high level. (9 out of 10 points)

Evil Rocks Hard, Germany:
'Demons & Diamonds' is a must have for all Heavy Metal fans.

Amboss Mag, Germany:
...Solid Heavy Metal 80s style, without being infested with cliches. You should look out for this record. (...) 11 songs of Heavy Metal of the finest sort!

Progpower.de, Germany
...a very good, steady release well worth checking out for fans of classic heavy metal. (...) ...I sure hope they will stick around as 'Demons and Diamonds' shows a band with a lot to offer!

(...) Go buy this album, it fucking kills. Heavy metal revolution from Norway, isnt a good enough description of Thunderbolt. (…) Believe me, you'll never grow tired of 'Demons And Diamonds'.

Soundbase Online, Germany:
From all I've heard and read about the upcoming new Iron Maiden album I "fear" that ('Dance of Death') will probably pull the shorter one against 'Demons & Diamonds'. Good for Norway, bad for England. (10 out of 12 points)

Temple Of Metal, Greece
Thunderbolt seems to have what it takes to succeed in a field overpopulated. Check them out.

Aberration Magazine, Germany
A good piece of heavy metal!

Metalstorm, Germany
Definitely a troop, which one should follow tightly and which has a lot of potential!

InHard.de, Germany
"Timeless beautiful Heavy Metal" (5 out of 6 points)

The Metal Observer, Germany
Thunderbolt have good songs, passion that you can hear and a good production (8 out of 10 points)

Maximum Metal, US
Perfect songwriting, great melodic vocals, overwhelming melody, over-the-top drums, and a grinding, snarling bass that rages with Maiden fury. These guys have initiative and drive. They achieve in one record what countless bands have strived for their entire careers. (...) Get this now!

VG, Norway
Amazingly melodic (5 out of 6 points)

Scream Magazine, Norway:
One of this years biggest surprises (5 out of 6 points)

Dagbladet, Norway:
...loud walls of guitars, good melodies of loads of energy. (5 out of 6 points)

CITY magazine, Norway :
With THUNDERBOLT we profess a new spring for heavy metal. The album "Demons & Diamonds" taste of classic Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath etc. And that's by no means negative, as the band plays the shirts off their own idols any time.


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