:: BIOGRAPHY A songwriting troubadour it's cool to like.

He follows in the footsteps of recent Bergenites; Røyksopp & Kings of Convenience and treads a neat path between the two, drawing upon a vast array of influences from country music right through to blissed out Electronica, whilst tenderly sculpturing a uniquely individual sound. Despite his claims to have sold the Bergen scene to Stavangar, who sadly lack the same crop of pop futurists that shines like a Beacon on Norway's beautiful West coast, Even's position on its cultural pinboard is assured as possibly the only 100% genuine Bergen Cowboy. "The musical scene in Bergen is a bit of a fallacy, nobody fits as such, apart from possibly Bjørn Torske and Kaptein Kaliber. Everyone else just does their thing, it just happens that a lot of it's really good. Besides I don't actually live there."

That's right, despite recording in his hometown musical Mecca with Sir Dupermann on controls, Even has long since swapped the frost kissed pavements of the fjordic wonderland, for a home in bonny Scotland. His father, who toured the world as part of a Norwegian swing/jazz dance troupe, probably prompted his ascent into the world of rock'n'roll; his first forays into musicianship came at an early age on his dad's old four-string guitar. It was later in Scotland that his love of the lap steel was compounded. "I saw this beautiful guitar in the window of a shop in Dumfries, but I couldn't afford it," Eventually, like a gift from the gods and 'gullet' the lap steel was his, and the rest is history, "that's also when I became a cowboy". It is this guitar sound that brings life to Even's blend of storytelling. Magnet makes highly emotive songs, rich with experience and realism, compacted into personal, electrifying and intensely beautiful songs that you will cherish. Songs that will make the hairs on your neck stand on end, songs that you will fall in love with, songs that lift you out of normality and cradle you in cushioned dreams and so much more.

Giving adage to the old expression 'scarred by experience', Even took the name Magnet, after an incident in his early teens. Having been diagnosed as anemic and suffering from Iron deficiency at the age of 13, Even visited his father's rock'n'roll doctor whilst on holiday ("I think he may have been a drug dealer, but he was wearing a white lab coat"). Said doctor sent a young Johansen to a half Chinese, half Indian medicine man, who tattooed him with a Magnet in "Special" ink. After passing out from the pain, Even awoke to find that he was miraculously feeling better. "I was stupid enough to believe it, but believing can work wonders."

Magnet released a long since deleted album on Rec90 in his native Norway entitled "Quiet And Still" in 2000. Even embarked on a hugely successful tour of the US late last year, which involved much hilarity, drunken tomfoolery and provided many warm memories, that include touring partner David 'Kaptein Kaliber' Aasheim's naked dance with a Christmas tree and an incident at sea-world that still brings tears to their eyes, not forgetting their now infamous incident with a seven dollar bottle of Vodka in front of practically LA's entire musical fraternity.

His debut UK material, the 'Where Happiness Lives EP' featuring a re-recorded version of '…Happiness' and three other spectacular tracks is released on June 3rd through Ultimate Dilemma. Even was recently picked by NME as one of the only unsigned acts in the crop of new stuff to shine this year. Touring will always be an essential part of Magnet's grand scheme, he will be performing live throughout forthcoming months, beginning with a date at London's Heavenly Social Bar, and several dates supporting the Doves in May. A special headline event will be announced shortly to coincide with the release of the EP.

According to one source on the Internet, Even likes Marlborough Lights, Sex and Guitars, although he is unsure where this comes from. One thing for sure is that we love Magnet, and we hope you will too. The birds are singing, now its time to step outside.


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