:: BIOGRAPHY Norway, and possibly the world's best techno dj enjoys a meal of hammer for supper.

It is probably among the laws of nature. There are promoters, and there are DJs. A lot of people try to be both, but they usually only excel in one, if any. You have decent promoters who double as half-decent DJs, and we all know they wouldn’t get many gigs if it weren’t for their charm and savvy. And there are excellent DJs who think they act as promoters, but we all know they couldn’t stage a barbecue in their own backyard if it weren’t for their entourage of minions who do their dirty work.

And then there’s Thomas.

Thomas aka DJ Urb started out his career at 14, as a promoter – and DJ – in his Mum’s house, in Bergen, Norway. He had just invested all is money in a pair of Technics and when Mum was away, Thomas would stage ever more elaborate parties, taking cover charge and spin records. The cover charge would finance his increasingly expensive DJ-habit, and some of the cleaning supplies necessary to cover his tracks.

Of course he outgrew his Mum’s house pretty fast – the location wasn’t all that perfect, the logistics was a nightmare, and besides the owner herself caught him red-handed and issued a cease-and-desist order demanding that he stopped selling tickets to her living room or he would be in deep trouble indeed.

But Thomas’ spirit wasn’t broken, and he kept practising his DJ-skills through high school and beyond. Thomas heart-felt love for club music gave him the drive necessary to both improve his technical skills as a DJ, and the creative energy to find new ways of getting people together to party. And he kept organising bigger and bigger raves. From the weirdest locations, like the quaint skiing resort of Voss East of Bergen, to some of the largest warehouses within Bergen itself. In the mid-90s, the underground party scene was at its zenith, and Thomas’ promoting alias VTOL reigned supreme. By now DJ Urb had also earned himself a reputation as one of the more skilful DJs in Norway, mixing hard progressive beats with a technical flare that most of his DJ friends didn’t even bother to try copying.

After a short break Thomas returned to the scene, but this time concentrating more on playing clubs than staging parties. Thomas was the brainchild behind the immensely successful concept Elektra, Norway’s only travelling club concept that tours Norway’s three largest cities once a month. The last couple of years he’s also been in charge of booking for Tellé Records. And his DJing resume is as impressive as ever. In 2000 he was voted Norway’s fourth best DJ by the country’s leading clubbing mag - an impressive accomplishment, considering most of his competition had their own radio shows or records to show off their skills. Thomas has earned his rep by playing live and captivating the crowds. And he’s played alongside some of the biggest names in the global techno scene - Roland Casper, DJ Hell, Acid Scout, Kevin Saunderson, Claude Young, CJ Bolland, Plastikman, Steve Stoll, James Ruskin, Scion & Tikiman, Mr C, Surgeon, and Robert Leiner to name but a few.

«Thomas is one of Norway’s best-kept secrets. I seriously believe he’s one of the most technically skilled DJ’s I’ve ever met,» brags Tellé label manager Mikal Telle about his longtime friend and booking manager. So there’s really no reason to doubt his skills. And as long as Thomas continues to not screw up his day job, he might just turn out to be The Exception That Proves the Rule...

(words by lars ursin)


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